Fractious Fair Isle Friday #3


The back is on the home stretch! Hooray! Although I’ve been distracted by heaps of new possible projects (*cough* POP Blanket *cough*), I’ve made a fair bit of progress.

The suitcase has had a little bit of a battering at the corners, but it’s still holding up under the pressure of being protector and guardian of my most prized project.

I’ve finally reached the white snowflakes and the armhole shaping. Annoyingly, they both coincide. Casting off the right number of stitches at the beginning of each row and keeping track of when to do it I find fiddly enough. Throw in some stranded colour work and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.
Well, at least, that’s what I anticipated it would be like.

It was actually not too bad. I got heaps done, and surprisingly so, most of it was on the train. Normally, I’ll get knocked around, lose focus, and sit there quietly fuming as the perpetrator shrugs at the several dropped stitches. (This is why I’m a staunch advocate of “magic loop” and knitting straight using circulars.)
How I didn’t get bumped or riled by fellow passengers this week I will never truly know.
But people seem to be more considerate to their fellow knitting commuter when the other has a colour in each hand and a complicated, seemingly undecipherable chart on their lap. I’ve even received smiles from several businessmen. BUSINESSMEN ON THE PEAK HOUR CITY TRAINS DO NOT OFTEN SMILE.

Moral: Fair Isle is the path to peace, patience and good manners.

Are any of you public transport knitters? Or have bad experiences warded you away from taking your knitting on the bus or train?

Unlike Debbie Bliss, I decide to do the snowflakes a different colour to the rest of the Fair Isle in order to break it up a bit. I chose a cream colour, which at the time of choosing I was a little uncertain about, but I’m glad I persevered. I think it actually looks pretty great next to the grey. There’s several more rows of Fair Isle to be done (think hearts and tiny dots) before I can shape the shoulders and start on the front piece.
Slowly but surely, it’s getting there!


8 thoughts on “Fractious Fair Isle Friday #3

  1. evaschlauch

    This is really pretty! I wanna learn that too! And well, no, I never tried knitting on the train. But this year everyone seems to be knitting around here. In the lecture halls at the university you find yarn everywhere! So that’s kind of public, I think. :-)

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