Fractious Fair Isle Friday #4


So here’s the deal. Not only have I not made any progress since last week, I’ve actually regressed. I had to rip back 14 rows of love hearts and tiny dots to three rows before where I was last Friday. I have been one to cry real salty tears on occasion of this happening, but today I am just paralysed with annoyance.

The problem arose when I started reading within the confines of the sleeve pattern, not the body pattern on the chart. (They’re on the same graph and use the exact same motif, just beginning at different parts – an easy but costly mistake). Shame I realised 13 rows too late.

This was the most fractious Friday yet. I can’t even bear to show you pictures.
I promise I’ll have something far better and far jollier to show you soon.


4 thoughts on “Fractious Fair Isle Friday #4

  1. Oh no, what bad news …

    I hope you have a more successful time of it! And at least you know now. Failure breeds success, or however that idiom’s supposed to go.

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