Fractious Fair-Isle Friday #5 (or ‘Why do bad things happen to good knitters?’)


I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by my increasing use of the search tag ‘mistakes’.
And this post will provide no exception.

After finishing the back, and churning through the ribbing and first chart of the front like some kind of knitting goddess, my crafting self-esteem was at an all time high. Until I realised that the front was a slightly more vibrant than the back.

I swore it would never happen to me, particularly after seeing customer after customer mixing up dyelots at work and witnessing the anxiety-fraught quest to locate that one last ball in the same dyelot in order to finish a project. But it did. One ball of dyelot 9005 snuck its way into my suitcase full of 1063. Not only that, it snuck its way onto my needles. I swear this is the first time I haven’t checked my dyelots. And it will be the last.
Of course, it had to be that the ball to start the front that I would pluck from the nine my suitcase would be the one in the odd dyelot.

Refusing to let it dent my knitting self-esteem, I decided I would leave it as is, and cleverly conceal it by changing to the normal dyelot at an appropriately sneaky point. To procrastinate facing the reality of having to actually rectify such a stupid mistake, I made this handy diagram to explain my method of concealing my blunder:

Over-dramatise, what?
But in all seriousness, I’m very happy with my progress. Sorry the photo quality doesn’t convey that feeling of love, care and respect for my work this week!

On another topic, I love interchangeable needles! Has anyone else used them? It’s wonderful not having to buy stitch holders. Instead I just remove the tips, pop on the stoppers that come with the cable, and that’s that.

I can’t wait for the miracle of blocking to even out all those stitches. I just can’t wait to be finished. I know I’m less than halfway, and I know that my hobby is knitting, not owning finished knitted garments, but I can’t help but dream of the day when I can wear this jumper. The good thing is that I’m confident I’ll finish. Too many times, and I know I’m definitely not the only one, I start projects and never finish them, only to rediscover them months later and become overwhelmed with a lack of achievement. But I know I’m going to finish this jumper. I’ve already forked out too much money on the wool to quit now.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this Friday. Maybe next week we can have a game of spot the difference where we can see if you can all tell that there’s an odd dyelot…?


3 thoughts on “Fractious Fair-Isle Friday #5 (or ‘Why do bad things happen to good knitters?’)

  1. You shouldn’t dwell on the fact that mistakes happen but on the fact that you’ve been resourceful in dealing with it! and yes I like using my interchangeable needles as stitch holders. I think they are actually better than your standard stiff stitch holder as they don’t get in the way as much.

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