On blogging and other things


I’ve realised, having read over my past posts, that I write very politely. (And I’m definitely not as nice and bubbly as I think this blog reflects.) I guess because when I started I was younger and not wanting to offend anyone. Knowing that I was blogging about work sometimes (and my manager read my blog) I watered down and happied-up a lot of what I put out there. I so wanted to reach into my screen and out of yours and scream “My life isn’t this impossibly lovely! I’m a real person and bad things happen to me too!”

So to make up for my previously mild-mannered posts: tits, poo, arse, willy, shit.

I stopped posting when my life turned downhill. I avoided posting things that reflected a lack of success or beauty. Not exactly the most realistic way to go about it!

So I think this time around I’m going to try and be a bit more genuine, rather than an obnoxiously happy crafting robot. Because it’s impossible to be as successful and overjoyed by absolutely everything as I made out the first time around. I’ve definitely grown away from my naive awmagawsh-everything-must-be-rainbows self, but I still want to keep a spark of that joy. I just want to feel like this blog is written by a real, living human too.

Life is far from perfect, but the thing I’m just learning is that it’s still worth blogging about.

And now that’s off my chest, I can get back to the knitting posts!

Lastly, here’s a photo of my cat, just cause I damn-well feel like it! (<= REFRESHING HONESTY)



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