Heatwave Cabin Fever


Aaaaaaaand the Christmas heatwave begins. Here come the weeks of bunkering down: windows shut, curtains drawn, pants off, every ice-tray in the house filled…
How can it be 6 in the evening and still more than 32 degrees Celsius?
In fact last year the Bureau of Meteorology added new colours to their temperature scale because they couldn’t cover the temperatures it reached! Just gross.

Having locked myself away in the comparatively, but not really that much cooler house, here’s what I got up to today:

I washed my hair (for the first time in two months – not as gross as you’d think!). Not wanting to go back to my old shampooing ways I tried bicarb soda paste and apple cider vinegar. Sadly no volcanoes erupted from my scalp. Though I do smell slightly tangy…


That said, it worked surprisingly well! The bicarb made my hair very dry at first, but the vinegar did an awesome job of evening the oils out again. I added a bit of coconut oil to the tips just in case. I’m making an effort to treat my hair right and grow it out properly.


I also made these purdy purple puffs while watching a super interesting doco on last meals for death row inmates. Confronting, but very insightful towards he human condition.

As you can imagine, I started to get pretty cabin-feverish. And so very logically, I pincurled my hair. Yep.


Even though I somehow had the energy do do it, I didn’t have the energy to do it neatly.
I have a Christmas lunch tomorrow with some good friends so I’ll take it out for that, and if it looks remotely good I post a photo of it styled for you.

I also made some iced tea using Strawberries and Cream tisane, frozen berries and lime. A+ stuff. Though the ice melted between putting it in and grabbing my phone to take a photo. It’s more like slightly-cool tea now.


Oh, I also uncovered this lost ball of my favourite (now discontinued) Noro Kureyon sock colour. There’s not quite enough for a decent pair of socks, so I might stripe it with something else from my stash…



My body feels so sluggish and resistant to this heat, and it’s definitely not great knitting weather. But all in all, not too bad a day.

I get the feeling that many of you hailing from America, Canada and the UK will be experiencing a very different from us here in Oz. I faun over all the delightful snowy, knitty, foody posts you all have.
If you’re a commenting type of person, I’d love to hear your Christmas plans and such-like!

Ah well, you get what you get. And as long as I’m plied with iced-tea and not wearing pants, I’ll cope! x



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