This year has already been so busy, so apologies for the hiatus in posting…

I went fishing with friends and caught 3 baby bream. None were of legal size, so much to everyone’s disgust I kissed them, and tossed them back.

I got a part time nannying gig for toddler twins. Their naps have been prime opportunities for some lovely, restful puff-knitting. All I’ve been making is hexipuff after hexipuff, finally breaking the 1/4-way mark. Woohoo!

I celebrated 18 months with my man-half and ate until we wanted to die. And then had dessert.

The last 12 days have been tremendously full.

Regarding developments in my knitting: I decided that I no longer like the way I was laying out my quilt, so I undid everything I’d joined (sigh). I think I want all the puffs to face the same direction now, but I have zero clue as to how I want to place the colours. If you’ve any ideas, please let me know! You can see the palette so far over here.

Also, I’ll be away for the next while, out in open waters and then in the mountains. I’ll inundate you with posts after that, no doubt. But expect more silence on my end until February begins.

Sorry this post is a bit crap and a bit ‘I, I, I, me, me, me!’; I just felt I hadn’t posted in a while and should offer something up to the blog-gods.

Here’s some photos of my dog frolicking at the beach to make up for it.




Cheerio for now, friend. x




I would not have made it through so many things in my life without knitting to calm myself. This last month I think I’ve particulary taken advantage of the healing powers of looping bits of thread through other bits of thread. Taking a moment to knit a row amidst the manic shoppers pre-Christmas made the whole process easier. Tinkering away during tense family interactions helped organise my thoughts and kept frustration at bay.
Oh, knitting. You rock.

I won’t dwell on the negativity that surrounded this year’s Christmas season, though there was much. Instead, here are the best bits!

These tea infusers – Mr. Tea and Mana-tea!


This fabulous hexipuff-holder from my Gran, made by her clever quilter friend…


She also sculpted the clay beads!


This perfect gardening tool tray, made by my ever-gorgeous Pa.
So sweet, and holds plenty of seed trays!


The moment when I found the cat doing this:


Our dorky table setting, complete with fairylight-ified Van Gogh print!


A bizarre Skype session with relatives…
(Note my dog’s paw sneaking its way into the frame.)


And then the brilliance of knitting at this beautiful place:




Today, my mum and I offered to deliver a Christmas gift (a garden gnome taking a bath) for someone, which entailed a drive into the mountains. Since we’d made the journey we decided to spend the day there. We had lunch in the bush and then a glorious swim (my first in months). Great respite from the madness of the last weeks.

But in all honesty, what I need now is ginger beer and video games. My brain is tired.

Hope you all had great Christmases and are relaxing and recuperating well. x

Heatwave Cabin Fever


Aaaaaaaand the Christmas heatwave begins. Here come the weeks of bunkering down: windows shut, curtains drawn, pants off, every ice-tray in the house filled…
How can it be 6 in the evening and still more than 32 degrees Celsius?
In fact last year the Bureau of Meteorology added new colours to their temperature scale because they couldn’t cover the temperatures it reached! Just gross.

Having locked myself away in the comparatively, but not really that much cooler house, here’s what I got up to today:

I washed my hair (for the first time in two months – not as gross as you’d think!). Not wanting to go back to my old shampooing ways I tried bicarb soda paste and apple cider vinegar. Sadly no volcanoes erupted from my scalp. Though I do smell slightly tangy…


That said, it worked surprisingly well! The bicarb made my hair very dry at first, but the vinegar did an awesome job of evening the oils out again. I added a bit of coconut oil to the tips just in case. I’m making an effort to treat my hair right and grow it out properly.


I also made these purdy purple puffs while watching a super interesting doco on last meals for death row inmates. Confronting, but very insightful towards he human condition.

As you can imagine, I started to get pretty cabin-feverish. And so very logically, I pincurled my hair. Yep.


Even though I somehow had the energy do do it, I didn’t have the energy to do it neatly.
I have a Christmas lunch tomorrow with some good friends so I’ll take it out for that, and if it looks remotely good I post a photo of it styled for you.

I also made some iced tea using Strawberries and Cream tisane, frozen berries and lime. A+ stuff. Though the ice melted between putting it in and grabbing my phone to take a photo. It’s more like slightly-cool tea now.


Oh, I also uncovered this lost ball of my favourite (now discontinued) Noro Kureyon sock colour. There’s not quite enough for a decent pair of socks, so I might stripe it with something else from my stash…



My body feels so sluggish and resistant to this heat, and it’s definitely not great knitting weather. But all in all, not too bad a day.

I get the feeling that many of you hailing from America, Canada and the UK will be experiencing a very different from us here in Oz. I faun over all the delightful snowy, knitty, foody posts you all have.
If you’re a commenting type of person, I’d love to hear your Christmas plans and such-like!

Ah well, you get what you get. And as long as I’m plied with iced-tea and not wearing pants, I’ll cope! x


Knittin’ with my kitten


And by kitten, I mean fully-grown cat.

First thing in the morning I hang out with Timmy, my knitting and a cup of tea in our garden…



Unless it’s bucketing down with rain as it is today. Then we sit on the couch instead.
At least it’s still conducive to knitting.

During the day I often find myself doing this:

Knittin' with kitten
And then I seize the opportunity to do things like this…

Ghetto-fabulous Afro:

Marge Simpson/Marie Antoinette:

A cloud:


One couldn’t ask for a better knitting-companion.

On blogging and other things


I’ve realised, having read over my past posts, that I write very politely. (And I’m definitely not as nice and bubbly as I think this blog reflects.) I guess because when I started I was younger and not wanting to offend anyone. Knowing that I was blogging about work sometimes (and my manager read my blog) I watered down and happied-up a lot of what I put out there. I so wanted to reach into my screen and out of yours and scream “My life isn’t this impossibly lovely! I’m a real person and bad things happen to me too!”

So to make up for my previously mild-mannered posts: tits, poo, arse, willy, shit.

I stopped posting when my life turned downhill. I avoided posting things that reflected a lack of success or beauty. Not exactly the most realistic way to go about it!

So I think this time around I’m going to try and be a bit more genuine, rather than an obnoxiously happy crafting robot. Because it’s impossible to be as successful and overjoyed by absolutely everything as I made out the first time around. I’ve definitely grown away from my naive awmagawsh-everything-must-be-rainbows self, but I still want to keep a spark of that joy. I just want to feel like this blog is written by a real, living human too.

Life is far from perfect, but the thing I’m just learning is that it’s still worth blogging about.

And now that’s off my chest, I can get back to the knitting posts!

Lastly, here’s a photo of my cat, just cause I damn-well feel like it! (<= REFRESHING HONESTY)


I’m back!


Well, that was quite a break! There’s so much crafting to catch you up on. The fractious fair-isle jumper is complete. The hexipuff quilt is taking shape. I’ve made mittens, socks, hats, scarves and blankets. So, there’s probably going to be quite a bit of show and tell over the next few posts.

Here’s where the quilt is at:

I tried laying out the puffs with all the colours mottled together…

Matching puffs and feet!

Which looked gorgeous! But I found it hard to disperse colours evenly.

So I tried putting them into little clusters of like colours like this…


And this…

Hexiflowers 2

It makes them easier to put together and means I can join them as I go. This way I don’t have to wait until the very last puff to see how much I have of each colour and disperse them evenly throughout the quilt
It’s safe to say the quilt is going well. Slowly though, as I only just broke the 200 puff mark earlier this week. (Summer here is brutal and not ideal for hexipuffing!)
Here’s the Ravelry page for it all.

And just for a wee bit more eye-candy, here are some of the yarns…

Green yarns for quilt

Next time I can catch you up on my winter knits from last year. I made a bunch of things for my chilly travels to Europe which I’m pretty proud of :’) I also bought some lovely Shetland wool from the undeniably lovely Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh and used it to make a traditional fair-isle tam on the teensiest needles imaginable.

Next time.
You must hold me to that promise so I don’t neglect this blog for so long again!

Much appreciation to those of you who used to follow this blog, and I hope I continue to post things that interest you again.

timmy and puffs

Over and out.